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The volcano area is a serious rain forest of 200 " a year with a 4,000' Elevation.
A Big Island must see, you may need: good hiking shoes, warm clothes, raincoat & flashlight.

Park Service: 808-985-6000

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The Volcano District Masthead

Big Island Map Volcano District

[IMAGE: Drop cap G]oing south from "South Point" you will run right through the beautiful little towns of Waiohinu and Naalehu, (Becky's B&B) is in Naalehu. Keep your eyes open for old restored churches and a little of the old way oflife. Check out the old theater bulletin board for the local events in Naalehu, you can't miss it. Also you can find gas here but the town sidewalks roll up when the chickens go to bed. On to Volcano...

Mark Twain at the Kilauea Volcano, 1866:
"Shortly the crater came into view. I have seen Vesuvius since, but it was a meretoy, a child's volcano, a soup kettle, compared to this...Here was a yawning pit uponwhose floor the armies of Russia could camp, and have room to spare."

When you plan to see the volcano, and most do, you might want to consider the following:

The volcano area is a serious rain forest of 150 -200 inches a year and the elevation is right at 4,000'. It can be most beautiful but it can also be cold, foggy, windy and raining like you wouldn't believe. Be sure to bring along good hiking shoes, raincoat (or an emergency big garbage bag), flashlights, warm clothes and perhaps a change. The National Park Service will help you with general park information as well as volcano eruption information by calling 808-985-6000 or by linking to their website, http://www.nps.gov/havo/.

Volcano Call one of the local businesses or the weather service in planing your day at the volcano.

The best time to see the active volcano is after dark. The road down to the volcano on the chain of craters road takes nearly an hour and the walk across the lava fields to the viewing site takes about 20 minutes. You will need flashlights to be allowed on the trail by the Forestry Service.

You will find many B&Bs and Inn's around the Volcano area. Kilauea Lodge, Volcano Country Cottages and the Country Goose are three of the finest. It takes roughly 5 hours to drive around the Big Island. Some folks stay in a dryer area like Kona and then drive the Island in a day, see the sights and finish up at the Volcano and either spend the night at Volcano or drive back to Kona in the evening, about a 3 hr. drive.

However you do it, no trip to the Big Island is complete without a trip to the Volcano.


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